Sunday, January 13, 2008

a few Paris photos

The breath-taking Museum d'Orsay.

One of the best paintings that I saw.

My friend Wenarto happened to be in Paris at the same time. We met up on New Year's outside of Louis Vuitton.

Wenarto was the only person along the Champ-Elysses who was dressed like this.

Sorollo House replaces my friend Eileen's house as the nicest house I've ever seen. (Sorry Eileen!) It combines high ceilings with gorgeous art by Sorollo.

Photo of the Louvre, from inside the Louvre.

My parents claimed they looked through the entire Louvre in one day.

Me: [surprised] "How did you manage that?"

My dad: "The last thirty minutes, we just walked nonstop through room after room."

Me: "Did you actually look at the art in the rooms?"

Dad: "Basically no. But we got through all the rooms!"

Tom performing "eater's pose" by my request, at a coffee shop in Madrid.


John K. Lin said...

OMG, that photo of your friend Wenarto is just too funny.

KE Liew said...

The painting looks awesome! Am surprise you can take pictures in there!

ArC said...

Your parents' strategy for the Louvre is totally what I did at the Met. And come to think of it, what I do with novels when I start getting bored: start reading every other page.

Anonymous said...

Sorollo's house??? That is Sorolla's house, Isn't it??? And it is in Madrid, isn't it?

N.B. said...

J'adore Paris. Could easily live there. Maybe you could talk Google into starting something cool there. I would relocate in a second (assuming I can get through Google interview process :( )!

Henri said...

Once, while visiting the Impressionist gallery at the top of the D'Orsay, an alarm suddenly went off. The guards hustled visitors from the gallery. I stayed as close to the entrance as I could, and was the first to return. For at least five minutes, I got to be alone with the works Renoir, Matisse, Monet, et. al. I stood as close to the Renior paintings as I could and stepped back slowly, watching the swirling dots and stripes coalesce into spectacular images. I stood at one vantage point and had an undisturbed view of all the paintings of the Rouen cathedral.

Until I die, I will remember those few minutes, alone with the masterworks.

Anonymous said...

Easily amused freak :-)

That is cool.

Andy said...

I wonder if the low paid night and holiday guards who have the paintings all to themselves for days on end have the same sense of awe?

I imagine, when time allows the guards invite their guard friends, don period clothes, chomping large turkey legs chasing portly women through the vestibules of D'Orsay until the orgy of food commences into an orgy of the un bathed 16th century flesh.

When suddenly Michelangelo appears out of nowhere all oiled up and looking for love.

Henri runs to his man.

Henri, pronounced "Onrey" French surrender monkey style.

Seshagiri said...

The Museum D'Orsay is really one of the best museums in the world. Did you know it was a railway station once.
I hope you enjoyed the impressionists masters there.