Monday, January 07, 2008

[land, home] of the [free, brave]

This morning, Tom and I got on a plane in Paris to fly back to SFO.

Tom has a cold, and has been blowing his nose every minute. I gave him a kleenex packet from my purse, but that wasn't enough. He collected both of our drink napkins throughout the flight.

Tom: "When we land in Philly [for our stopover], I'm going to buy some food and take FIVE HUNDRED NAPKINS. God bless America."

Me: [laughing] "You don't even need to buy food to take napkins, usually."

Tom: "Oh, I'm also hungry."

... We landed in Philadelphia, and started walking toward the customs area.

Tom: "Ah, America. Time to be fat and proud of it!"

Me: "You've got half of that down." [nudging him]

Tom: "That's right -- I'm very proud."

Me: [grinning] "Of course, that's what I meant."

Tom: "And you've got the other half covered."

Both of us laughed the entire way through the customs line.


ArC said...

Man, it must be nice to be an American going through US customs. I don't think laughing would be a great idea for me...

Anonymous said...

I am a chubby chaser.

Come Niniane let me rub your

sexy Buddah belly. :-)

Roger said...

So, I take it, you and your bother are taking your show "on the road"? You two seem to have such great repartee.

K said...

Yes, arc, same for me. Never passed through customs in the last 10 years, without clutching my H1 and all the other paper work, and hoping that things will be ok. Plus the lines are much longer and slower!

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way standing in the customs line when I go to the third world shithole that you came from.

Hoping things will go OK.

I hate handouts for money and shakedowns at immigration counters.

Stop whining and thinking you are being unfairly treated.

Go home and fix your own countries immigration lines then come here and complain that it is so bad going through U.S. customs.

ArC said...

"third world shithole that you came from."

Canada? It's never a problem for me when I go home.

Joanna said...

Is your brother single?

Wink :)

He's quite witty. And, if I married him, you could be my sister in law, and we'll all be so witty!