Friday, January 18, 2008

slightly amusing

Me: "Are you going to work on Monday? It's Martin Luther King Day."

"I need to check."

Me: "I'm not."

"Oh, is all of Google shutting down for the day?"

Me: "Yeah. [pause] Well, our web site will still be up, probably."


Dazhi said...

well, at least i thought this was funny!

Strider Aragorn said...

I would have the day off, but Microsoft scheduled some 'Software Engineer Development' meeting that I was voluntold to go to. :/

Oh well... not that I really know what to do in the bay area anyway...

Al Sharpton said...

It is apparent in the previous comments that the Google company is racist.

How can a company that claims to be racially diverse and an EOE stay up on the holiest of holidays.

Black people must unite and never use Google again.

Anonymous said...

^^ Al, what does Jesse Jackson have to say about this?

Jessie Jackson said...

I am busy as always making up words never before heard in the English language.

My 1/2 white baby has been keeping me busy today playing with Willie Browns 1/2 white baby.

We like black people but we loves white women.

(Same like Niniane likes Asian people but loves white guys)

As soon as I figure out how to conjugate these newly created words and look good doing it I will get back with you.

Google servers working on Martin Luthers Birthday is an Abominablackinretroghettoization.

Ahhhhh writers block...

Anonymous said...