Saturday, January 05, 2008

parents funny

Walking around Madrid, my mom stops every few minutes to take a photograph. Each one requires many seconds of adjustment for the perfect angle and lighting.

Last Monday, we went to the Royal Palace. Midday:

My mom: "I have very sad news. My camera battery died."

My dad: [clapping loudly] "太好了! 就等这件事呢!" ("Wonderful! Wonderful! It's just the news I've been waiting for!")

... We walk down the street and pass by the grand church next to the palace.

Dad: [poking my mom's elbow] "This church really deserves a photograph."

The rest of my family had to wait for me, to recover from being doubled over laughing.


Later, in the hotel room I was sharing with my brother:

Tom: "Mom takes so long with each photograph! We're always waiting."

Me: "I'm just happy that they're getting along. Let's not complain if the holy grail has a little bit of dust on it."


Anonymous said...

Wow! In a sense I am extremely jealous not having a great family such as yours. It seems like you are very close to your brother... I wish my sister would have at least acknowledged my sporadic "wittiness."

Anonymous said...

Taking pictures of tourist attractions is such a BIG waste of time and effort.

You can always find the a better photo online.

Especially ones taken on "Chamber of Commerce Days", You know the ones the cities use to advertise.
(So perfect)

The only photos worth taking are with friends and family.

Anonymous said...

Of course you can always find a better photo online. But photography is a hobby for many, and trying to take a great photo and improving is fun.