Tuesday, December 18, 2007

i debated a long time whether to write this

"If you're her first relationship, she's probably going to go very slowly. It's going to be like two years before you sleep together."

"Actually, she's religious. I'm pretty sure she's waiting until marriage."

"You're okay with that?"

"Yeah. I'm not looking to just have fun. I want something real."

"Sure, but you're going to commit for life before you know whether you're compatible in this important way?"

"She's the most amazing girl I've met here."

"That's like buying a car without test-driving it."

"With the new 107 lamborghini, you in fact cannot test-drive it before you buy it."

"Yeah, but with the lamborghini, you know other people have test-driven it and they say it's good."


ArC said...

Does "here" in "most amazing girl I've met here" mean anything that might undercut "most amazing"?

Bascule said...

It's NOTHING like buying a car without test-driving it! You buy a car to drive it but you don't get married to bonk it!

Juanpa said...

women are not cars

Anonymous said...

"you don't get married to bonk it" - oops, I've been doing it all wrong??

Nick said...

Jeff Foxworthy: "Getting married for sex is like buying a 747 for the free peanuts."

Anonymous said...

Wait...more importantly...what's a "107 lamborghini"? I've not heard of this one.

John K. Lin said...

I wondered why you debated such a long time whether to write this blog or not, unless you were afraid to offend your friend in some way?

I always hate the test driving analogy. Do you want to marry someone who has done a lot of "test driving?"

Shared values, background, and commitment make a relationship last, along with a mutual sense of humor. At least that is what I think.

I agree - women (and men) are not cars. I'm not against premarital sex, but I don't think the analogy is a great one either.

Niniane said...

John Lin, you take things too seriously.

Anonymous said...

I laughed, I cried, it was better than CATS.

It's OK, we forgive you for writing this. You've proven your ability to be funny without resorting to sex or racsism, so a good funny girl = car joke seems overdue. If only you'd titled the artical differently it could have become your most popular yet!

Go Obama - Year of the Pig

John K. Lin said...

Sorry, I take your postings too literally!

Anonymous said...

on John Lin taking things too seriously, it's not like people don't use the "test-driving" analogy for premarital sex in all seriousness all the time. I'd say the idea that getting married without checking for "sexual compatibility" is a mistake is pretty well entrenched in American culture.

Alpha Male vs Beta "Male" said...


You must be one of the freak Asian guys that Niniane fears dating.

Test driving is fun.

I very much understand the idea that love to any plain woman comes with time and can be incredible.

But while you are waiting patiently for love to come with time I am busy banging the woman that you will later settle for.

ILN said...

Test driving is great fun...

But from my experience.

Real love, affection and attachment comes later when you see how she handles in all weather and only then will you actually learn how to driver her properly for maximum performance.

Making love with an old friend beats test driving anyday...

Hands down with out exception.


Niniane lets get this test drive over so that we can start our football team.

Hurry up honey I am getting old and if we wait much longer I may only be able to make a tennis team.

Anonymous said...

Test driving a shiny new model every day at full speed around the new track is much more fun than driving the old scratched up jalopy for a quick spin to the grocery store.

One night stands FTW!

ishkabubba said...

awww...i think it's sweet and very idealistic but sometimes following your heart leads to marital bliss. i have a friend who's mother called him from delhi at two in the morning to inform her him that she found his future *wife*. being the good, respectful son he is, he flew back to india to meet his future wife and her family. there was instant chemistry and he decided to marry her.

when he returned back to the states and he completely freaked-out. he called me in the middle of night to inform me that he was getting married to a woman he only met a couple of months ago. they had only dated a few times and never had sex. he felt he had made an extremely irrational decision and he was driving himself insane. his greatest fear was getting married to woman and not being sexually compatible. i told him if he's *in love* with her and they are extremely compatible not to worry.

after many sleepless nights and a couple of bottles of jack daniels (ie he never drank alcohol until then) later, he took the leap of faith and got married in india. now several years later, he lives with his wife in seattle. he told me getting married to his wife was the best decision he ever made and the sex is great! i guess mother does *know* best and following your heart can lead to finding your *true* love. ^^

Anonymous said...

So how many times has Niniane been test driven?

Charlie said...

well.. the basis of the assumption is wrong.. as mentioned in some of the comments, you don't 'marry' a woman 'only' to 'drive' her. In effect it can be referenced to things like 'driving it at high speeds' rather than just 'driving it'