Sunday, December 09, 2007

brothers: the most skilled people at poking fun

I took my brother to the Google Holiday Party. He said he recognized 50 ex-classmates from Stanford. I only recognized about 30 friends from around the company.

Somethin' ain't right there!

Some young Googlers invited us to after-party, but just the thought of it made me tired.

Around 11:30pm, things were winding down:

Me: [looking around the room] "This room is half cleared-out. All the kiddies have left."

Tom: "Yeah."

Me: "It's past their bedtime."

Tom: "No, they went up to San Francisco to party some more."

Me: "Oh, that's true."

Tom: "Let's not kid ourselves over whose bedtime it is."


ArC said...

Geez, I wasn't that old when I was your age.

ArC said...

Well, aside from work-related sleep dep, come to think of it.

John K. Lin said...

Yup, that's the Stanford mafia for you. No big surprise that your brother knows so many folks at Google.

As for bedtime, I think based on your previous comments and your time stamps of your postings, you are quite the night owl and insomniac.

Anonymous said...


Night owl maybe..

Too old to party obviously???

Will marry soon? Absolutely!!!


Maal said...

I feel your pain. And then some.

I found your blog while looking for a friend who works at Google, and now I'm addicted! I have a feeling I'll be reading the whole damned thing... :)

Anonymous said...

My date works at Google, so I was there. I saw you and almost walked up to you to say hi. Then I realized "Oh shit she doesn't know me."


Niniane said...

re: anonymous.

Say hello next time!

I won't be weirded out, unless you start emailing me every day. :)

Anonymous said...

She won't be weirded out unless you are an Asian man.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:36 AM:

Give it a rest. That's so yesterday.

Anonymous said...

No, really, it would be weird to say hi to you because I say mean things about you on your blog. ok not mean things, but un-nice things.

Anonymous said...

I doubt Niniane is weirded out by Asian men. Just because you don't want to date someone doesn't mean you are weirded out by them.

I don't date black dudes but I'm not weirded out by them.