Wednesday, June 27, 2007

paris hilton realization

Thanks to Derek for forwarding this parody video to me.

Also thanks for giving me Paris's book, which I read cover-to-cover. Highly entertaining.

I just realized something. The book uses the literary technique of the unreliable narrator. It's written in first-person, with statements that are obviously flamebait, such as "Always eat fast food and supersize your meal. It works for me!" and "The first tip to acting like an heiress is to make sure you are born into the right family."

I've known about the "unreliable narrator" concept for a while, but only just absorbed the meaning last night at my Stanford "Point of View" writing course.

God damn it, this means Paris Hilton is a better writer than I am.


(Please don't tell me she used a ghostwriter. This is the way she acts in real life too. She's a walking incarnation of the unreliable narrator.)


John K. Lin said...

You're an engineer, not a writer! (not that you can't necessarily be both). I'm sure your coding gets in the way of your prose and poetry.

Niniane said...

No way. My poetry is the best.


Anonymous said...