Sunday, June 10, 2007

USA: assault is okay, groping is not

From a while back.

Me: I should warn you that when we go out with Li* tonight, he might try to molest you. [* name changed]

Megan: What?

Me: Yeah. He tried to do it to me before. Our mutual friend called him on it afterwards, and he said, 'She's from America, so I thought she wouldn't care.'

Megan: Does he think all American women are easy?

Me: I guess.

Megan: If he tries anything with me, I'll punch him.

Me: [nodding, while looking at her extremely toned biceps]

Megan: I'll say, 'This is how we do it in America. When we don't like things.'


Anonymous said...

When I was in Paris certain immigrant men (as in immigrants to France) also thought that American women were loose. So they would follow me and persistantly insist that I date them (or whatever else they thought they were entitled to). Harrowing experience considering I was just trying to walk from school to my dorm. What's up with this reputation?

Russell said...

I feel like that if your only material to form opinions about American women was what you saw on TV and in movies, you might get a very skewed perspective.

Imagine if all you had to go on was pirated DVDs of Sex and the City, Nip//Tuck and Entourage, and a smattering of movies like Love Actually, American Pie and Closer. This paints a not-terribly-nice picture, I think. Of course this selection is probably especially bad, however in spite of being anecdotal, does indicate that not all Hollywood exports are giving the best impression of American women.

Not that this excuses the behavior, I'm just speculating on possible answers for anonymous' question about this reputation.

Me said...

Come on...

All women are easy from every country if the man has a big bank account...

Dan said...

Ah, probably because of the American movies around the world! :P

ArC said...

"he said, 'She's from America, so I thought she wouldn't care.'"

You didn't clarify that you were from China? =)

Philipp Lenssen said...

On a related note, are you allowed to carry pepper spray in the US/ California?

Anonymous said...

Bah, the Asians I know will sleep with me on the first date just cuz I'm a tall white guy. (booya for Asian girls trying to be white!!)

I'm sure they don't mind being groped, but I guess Asian guys don't make the cut.