Sunday, June 24, 2007

user error

My car's driver-side window got stuck. I took it to the shop today and left it with the mechanic.

Afterwards I went to the caltrain station to ride the train up to San Francisco. There were two events scheduled for tonight:

a beach bonfire for a friend's birthday (stock footage)

and a party at a ridiculously nice five-story house with indoor pool and hot tub (photo from last party at this house)

But instead I went to neither. I missed the 6:45 caltrain. Then when the 7:45 one came, I was standing on the wrong side of the platform, so I missed that one too. I waited for another thirty minutes and then gave up.

This is where I spent my Saturday evening:

You might ask, how could someone have ended up standing for forty minutes on the wrong side of the platform? Isn't this an extremely noob mistake to make?



ArC said...

Now that you mention it... shouldn't the ticket machines refuse to sell you a ticket if you want to go the wrong way? (I'm not asking if they do; I imagine they probably don't, but wouldn't it be nice if they did that?)

siliconvalleypleb said...

weren't any of your friends going there as well? couldn't you call them to hitch a ride?

Adam Lasnik said...


As someone well acquainted in the ways of CalTrain and general public transportation issues, I'm delighted to make you a deal:

I agree to safely and entertainingly escort you to great parties of the world via public transportation.

In exchange, you will get me invites to such parties.

'cause I'll be honest here: it's clear you need the directional help, and it's not like I'm getting all-that-frequently invited to glamorous over-the-top parties like you are.

Perfect match! I'll even throw in two (2) Ferrero Roche candies for the ride over :).

John K. Lin said...

Aren't Googlers encouraged to take public transit? Haven't you taken Caltrain before? Too bad your Saturday was ruined due to "user error." Next time, maybe you should post on your blog asking for a ride and see how quickly you get a response! :-)

Anonymous said...

Why did you give up? Parties like this don't get kickin' until at least were going to be way early anyway.

Niniane said...


I got my car back from the shop today. So, no deal. :)

Besides, I distinctly remember seeing you at Orkut's White Party, which was amongst the crème de la crème of parties.

Philipp Lenssen said...

While a hot tub party sounds like more fun, I think only at a deserted, uneventful train station will you ever get the chance to come up with a truly world-changing idea.

Godot said...

Oh, it's you!