Friday, June 22, 2007

responding to gender differences

On the phone with my brother, discussing a person who is getting in the way of medical treatment for our loved one.

Me: [describing the latest damage done by this person]

Tom: I am so angry at her! If she were standing in front of me right now, I'd kick her where it matters.

Me: Where is that?

Tom: In the private parts.

Me: Tom, on a woman, that doesn't hurt the same way as kicking a guy in the groin.

Tom: Not if I get my whole foot up there.


thomashan said...

wow, Tom is a feisty one!

just a peasant said...

Ouch! Please ask Tom not to do this - these things are difficult and embarrassing to remove in the ER.

Prolific Programmer said...

I would suspect that Tom, like most people, has a worse bark than bite.

Anonymous said...

Only a virgin would say something so stupid.

Anonymous said...

That was really funny!