Thursday, March 01, 2007

left hand cymbal, right hand drum

Two weeks ago, a few teammates and I ate dinner in downtown Mountain View. Afterwards, Alipé suggested karaoke. None of us knew a nearby karaoke bar, and we huddled around Galileo's laptop to query Google Local.

There were no nearby results. As a substitute, we walked to a pearl milk tea shop, where Galileo serenaded us with "Flower Drum Song".

Last month CNN interviewed me about Google. The reporter asked me my favorite thing about my job. I said, "My coworkers are brilliant yet goofy."

Now you can see it for yourself, in full YouTube glory. Watch for Joby hiding from the camera, wearing deadpan expression.

Joby: "My ears are bleeding. My dad used to sing this when I was a kid."

Alipé: "Why is it so painful for you? [smirking] What did your dad used to do while he was singing this song?"

Joby: "It's not -- "

Odin: [picking up a bubble tea cup] "Show me on this doll."


Phill Midwinter said...

hehe, hehehehehe.

minya said...

My poor g-host :P
Wonder if that "ball" still kicks your ball...

Anonymous said...

Do you have a link to your CNN interview? Didn't find anything on a search.

minya said...

This one?

Anonymous said...

Was this on a weeknight? If so, don't you guys get free dinner at Google that is better than most restaurants?

And no karoke at Google???

ishkabubba said...

here is an excerpt:

CHO: By value Google means productivity. The ubiquitous Internet search engine is not just Google anymore. There's Froogle, Google Earth, blogger and g-mail and Google is available in 110 languages. Many of the ideas are hatched not in the cubicles but in the lunch room or over coffee.

Twenty-seven-year-old engineer Niniane Wang is the quintessential Googler. She graduated from college at 18, was lured to Google from Microsoft and loves her job so much she immediately rejects all other offers.

NINIANE WANG, GOOGLER: What inspires them is not the ability to cash out and then relax and sail down the Nile. What inspires them is the ability to change the world.

nicely said. :-)

Anonymous said...

Just what at Google has changed the world? Google is a brand and it's all about selling ads. The coolest things "from" Google are the ones they bought (so already existed), they are just free now.

Anonymous said...


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