Friday, March 23, 2007

don't worry, neither one was for you

Me: I bought a shirt online! Would you like to see the design?

Trent: Sure.


Trent: It's ugly.

Me: WTF! Why?

Trent: The picture is horrifying.

Me: Oh, don't identify with the woman! Pretend you are the dinosaur.

Trent: Okay. ... How come I look so ugly, and in addition, I'm preparing to step on someone?

Me: :(

Trent: Yeah.

Me: I bought two of the shirts.


Easy Ed said...

Don't worry...

Most guys will just check your
sexy form in the nicely fitted
Tee shirt :-)

We are so easliy pleased...

Anonymous said...

I'm with Trent!!

RC, the Netherlands

Matt said...

Who doesn't love Dinosaur Comics? Ignore the philistines; the shirt is quality.

Programmeuse said...

The figure that is about to be sqished by the dinosaur looks like a man to me. The shirt is something I'd wear as a throwback to my high school punk days :)

KE Liew said...

Threadless Ts~?

Good one~ Too bad it wouldn't suit me if I wear it.

Ask Bjørn Hansen said...

Ignore Trent, the t-shirt is awesome. :-)

- ask

Angie said...

This is hilarious, lol.

Anonymous said...

A T-Rex would never stomp on its prey anyway, it would just go chomp! Since it's not accurate, it's not horrifying.

bruce said...

You bought a Dinosaur Comics t-shirt??

Marry me.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that guy just dissed T-Rex!

What a jerk.

Anonymous said...

The picture's funny, I can't belive someone made such a predicament about it!


Well, some people just suck...