Thursday, March 29, 2007

just sleep this time

I've been reading a book about sleep:

I used to think that sleepiness increased linearly with number of hours awake. If you feel sleepy at 9pm, you must surely be even more sleepy at 1am! Not so, says the book. Our bodies release biological alertness hormones twice a day. If I miss the 10pm sleepiness train, I will not be tired again until 2:30am.

I also learned that exposing your body to light will make you stay awake longer. Even shining a bright light on the back of your knee will confuse your body's clock and make you less sleepy.

This book has answered many of the ignorance-induced frustrations from my sleep-postponement habit. Thank you, book.


Anonymous said...

I guess thos all-nighters in college didn't require No-Doz. I just needed a flashlight. College students rejoice!

Sweet Dreams said...

Stanford has a really good sleep clinic, I went to about ten different 2 hour classes.

Each class taught different aspects of the sleep process.

I simply found that I just do not fit the sleep patterns demanded by societal norms in the present day.

Learning so many useful things relieved some anexity about not knowing why things happen.

Food, drink, temperature, light, TV, when to exercise, core temperature... Work / life stress.

I've read books before but keeping a log of your own habits and comparing it with their data and feedback was incredible.

You can also hook a monitor up to you while you rest to see how you do actually sleep. It's not what you may percieve.

My day time awareness and ability to focus went up dramatically. I think about what I learned there daily and the class was years ago.

It was one of the must real life useful classes that I have ever taken. Well worth the time.

Also Dr. / Professor Tracy Kuo is hot.

Anonymous said...

I notice that I gain weight if I don't sleep regularly and less then 8 hours per day.

nina said...

I'm reading this book now too and enjoying it a lot, even if it does make me want to go to sleep all the time. You didn't mention to me that it was written by one of the founders of the Stanford sleep clinic!

collembola said...

Not sure if it would help you, but I find that emptying the contents of my head into a set of (private) lists or journals at night helps me feel that everything has been accounted for, so I can let go and gradually drift off.

minya said...

but i saw you online really late yesterday...

Pquirolific Programmer said...

I've learned that to go to sleep quickly, a glass of wine followed by laying me head down on a pillow helps immensely. For a better sleep, I eat a banana just before going to sleep, before the wine. Let me know if anyone tries this method and how it works out for you.

Me said...

Alcohol while it helps you fall asleep initially will wake you up when your body actualy starts to process it. Lots of chemical activity stimulates you awake senses.

Unless you really drink until you pass out...But that is a different story.

Alcohol is never a good sleeping agent no matter what grandpa told you.

KE Liew said...

I find that usually, a person who's always tense, stress, and constantly working or thinking will have difficulty in sleeping early or have a good sleep.

The only way that worked for me at least, was to take time outs here and there and take it easy. It's not life to not have fun and relax IMHO.

Philipp Lenssen said...

> Not sure if it would help
> you, but I find that emptying
> the contents of my head into a
> set of (private) lists

I sometimes have pen and paper next to bed so I don't have to get up if new ideas come to mind when you are starting to doze off. Mostly only happens during the creation of new websites etc. :)

I consider sleep a vital part of the creative process! Sometimes during daylight you'll find yourself just hypnotically implementing whatever you came up with during your dreams.

What can harm sleep though is office work, because you come home feeling like you ought to start that second part of your day called "sparetime", when actually the day's pretty much over already. And then you're in that half state between wanting to start something and having no energy left to actually do it. Oh well, I quit my job 1 1/2 years ago and I'm now working on my own schedule :)

PS: Sport before sleep can also be good to get sleepy :)

angelo wang said...


:-) said...

Sports or working out before sleep is not a good way to get ready for bed because it raises your core temperature.

The core temperature must lower to effectively fall asleep quickly.

Anonymous said...

Took you a while to get to this book. :)

Anonymous said...







Stephen Jones said...

Hi, this thread was useful. My tip? Well, no coffee after 11am :) Regards, SJ,

Anonymous said...

I think this is in line with journal wrecking/living out loud...i'm going to do it.

sleeping said...

Thank you for some interesting body clock information. I'll try with back knee light:)