Saturday, January 13, 2007

photos of weird Chinese stuff

These are the last of my China trip photos.

I walked past a clothing shop in Shanghai, "Fat Chic Style". It caters to "classy womenwear for the plumper figure". Look at the sign photo of what they consider a fat figure, in the black skirt and floral top. That figure would be normal in the US!

In Texas, it would be labeled anorexic.

Dumpling sampler in Shanghai. The ones with a straw sticking out are "soup dumplings". You drink the soup through the straw, and then throw away the rest of the dumpling.

I, of course, could not bear to throw away the dumpling dough casings. I ate the dough casings of everyone at the table.

Tiny little dumplings! You know how babies are cuter than adults because they're smaller? Ditto.

Shaved ice in the US comes in a scoop cup. For the same price, shaved ice in China comes in a platter. Not realizing this, I said I wanted to order three shaved ices.

My concerned Chinese friends talked me down to just ordering this single one (combination green bean + red bean):

后海 ("Back Sea") is a section of Beijing with bars. We passed one bar which bore a sign "Shut up and Drink". Below it was this sign.

"#2: Don't shit in our toilet but U can pee".

How on earth do they enforce this rule?


Josh said...

Maybe there was no toilet paper?

bruce said...

De Zhe.. DJ???

Niniane said...

Bruce, it's "da zhe". It means "discount".

Anonymous said...

The ice platter looks like a pile of puke. Sorry niniane :-( but it does. Surely it taste better than it looks.

Anonymous said...

They go into the washroom with you, duh.