Saturday, January 06, 2007

James Bond, smoochy smoochy

I just came home from watching Casino Royale, which is now my favorite Bond movie.

Spoiler alert.

For the first 90 minutes, my head slid further and further down the seat back as I fought sleep. Obligatory car chase. Obligatory jumping from bridge onto moving truck. Obligatory gun crossfire.

Then the sweet kissy scene on the beach! He decides to give up his career to live a simple life with her. He'll probably balloon into a fatty since his metabolism is used to a lifestyle of jumping onto moving vehicles instead of sitting on ass. But is okay!

The way he emails his resignation from the sailboat is totally how a guy would do it. They like to show off their snappiness like that.

The next scene rang true as well. When she climbs out of bed, he follows behind because he can't bear to be more than two feet away. She needs to run an errand, and he requests to meet up in 30 minutes. In the flush of love, being apart for half an hour is an eternity, even if you just spent ten days stapled together.

Made me wistful.

Then the movie went on to demonstrate how love can really screw you over. Until you hate the other person! But you don't want them to die. But you hate them! But you love them! Ah, yes.


Anonymous said...

I thought it showed how women will screw you over!

And what's up with no nekkid ladies in the opening credits?

zoraptera said...

Pshaw, kids these days. Back when my adrenal glands excreted something measurable in parts-per-billion, our opening credits consisted of block after block of Forth screens; our ladies were not nekkid, however they were stacked. And we liked it that way...

Anonymous said...

Casino Royale is good entertainment but it disappoints as a Bond movie.

For starters there is no bond music!! there is no opening thrill stunt, there are no bond gadgets!!!

For the past 20 yrs Bond wanted his martini shaken not stirred. Now he asks "do I look like someone who cares".

What a pity.