Sunday, January 14, 2007

but how did your ass become that way

During a workout last week with my personal trainer Megan, we gave our usual love-life update.

Me: XXX and I have been emailing. I like his singing, so he recorded a song and sent it to me as an mp3.

Megan: [tilting chin toward dip bar] Cool.

Me: [starting to do dips] It's doomed. But he's so sweet! Wouldn't you like it if a guy recorded a mp3 for you? You're really into music.

Megan: Hey, I've had top hits written for my ass.

Me: What, like "Baby Got Back"?

Megan: No.

(It was only later that I realized she meant "my ass" as the gangsta way of saying "me", rather than the literal interpretation.)

Me: "Back that Ass Up"? "Rump Shaker"?

Megan: No!

Me: "Bootylicious"?

Megan: No, the song was "Silver, Blue, and Gold".

Me: [horrified]


zephyr Wu said...

Hi, r u Chinese? Living in California? I like ur Blog!

Anonymous said...

Blue and Gold? Is that a song? I don't get it?

Anonymous said...

I guess that's better than red, white and blue.

blueberry pancakes said...

That has to be one of the funniest things I've read this week. Gosh, I was thinking "Bad Moon Rising" or "Brick House".

Aakash Mandhar said...


Anonymous said...

anonymous said..."Blue and Gold? Is that a song? I don't get it?"

Google is your friend...try it sometime! ;-)