Monday, June 13, 2011


Tonight my friend told me about a Microsoft manager Michael, who transitioned to a woman.  He was married with a child, and his wife supported him through the transition.  They are still married.

I said that I would not be able to support my husband becoming a woman.

My friend asked, why not?

So then I thought "True, why not??" and couldn't come up with a good reason. 

Still seems tough.


Jeremy said...

Why not? Because "he" would then borrow all your clothes.

Anonymous said...

How does the following answer strike you?

"Because I understand and know people in terms of certain characteristics. Some of those characteristics are relatively unimportant, like the color of their hair. Some of those characteristics are more important, like their sense of humor, their integrity, or their intelligence.

I chose friends based in part on one set of characteristics. For example, I could be friends with someone based principally on the fact that they have a great sense of humor, even if we have completely incompatible ideas about how to raise children.

I chose (... or intend to chose) a spouse based on another set of characteristics. Among those characteristics is the gender and/or sexuality of my spouse."

That's a really specific way to say "because that's just how it is with me," but perhaps it effectively could masquerade as an answer.

Niniane said...

I think that if I were married to someone for 10 years and had a child, and that person insisted on switching genders, maybe I could support them through it.

It'd be hard to predict beforehand whether I could or could not.

Sriram Krishnan said...

This is her blog - some awesome posts documenting the transition (see the archives)

Alejandro Sierra said...

Maybe you would be interested in the documentary "Morir de pie" by Jacaranda Correa, about a similar case. It's in Spanish with English subtitles.

Anonymous said...

Most white men you hang out with look like women.

Anonymous said...

Why not? You marry a dude then you end up with a chick. Now everyone is going to stare at you in public, think you are a lesbian etc. Normal marriage -> freakshow.