Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cooking class

I went to a cooking class today.

Cooking class is in the category of activities that become 10 times better if you do it with friends.

The cool thing about this class is that the ingredients are so fresh.  We used salmon that our instructor bought from Half Moon Bay, caught yesterday.

He is going to move kitchens because the current one won't allow him to bring in wine.  He may build a commercial kitchen.  It is amazing that he cares so strongly about wine.


Anonymous said...

First post! Only post!

Now, to add marginal relevance: What kinds of yummy things did you learn to cook for each other? I love salmon (esp. cured or smoked) and wine too for that matter. Sounds like a good time. :)

Niniane said...

Here's what we learned to make:

King Salmon crudo, quick pickled cucumbers, radishes and black sesame

Sweet corn soup with wild shrimp and edible flowers

Chicken thighs with house made BBQ sauce, summer squash and goat cheese gratin

Baked peaches in Riesling with Indian spices, blueberries, mint and whipped creme fraiche

Anonymous said...

That sounds delicious, esp. the dessert (when I was growing up, we frequently finished a meal with a few baked peach halves with butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon). I have never eaten flowers before, I wonder if they taste as good as they smell? I've heard of people eating squash blossoms.