Saturday, June 11, 2011


I am at Ephemerisle, a floating festival of 100+ people.  There are a dozen houseboats docked in a circle, with a floating platform in the middle.

In the afternoon, there were mini-talks.  One was given by a former heroin addict, who has been 10 years clean.  He said he didn't get clean due to prohibition or police.  He got clean due to a program whose workers brought him clean needles and talked to him and loved him.  Another talk was about attaching hashtags to people to indicate how trustworthy/untrustworthy they are.

It reminds me of Caltech Pre-frosh Weekend.  It is such a lovely feeling of community.  I am usually sitting to the side, reading my kindle or phone, really enjoying the hubbub around me.

I ran into Pablo, a Google friend, who told me how he just spent 4 months working at the South Pole Station in Antarctica.  His wife and two kids supported him doing this.  I found it very impressive, because most people stop doing those types of things after they have children.

Later there will be parties and dancing on the floating platform and probably some fire dancing.

I would like a stronger feeling of community in my regular life.  It takes work to achieve.

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