Monday, August 02, 2010

but you can't juggle while driving a car

I visited my brother over the weekend. On the way home from dim sum, he was talking about where he could go to meet smart girls in the LA area.

Tom: "Maybe I should swing by Caltech."

Me: "You'll be competing for a few girls with a ton of guys."

Tom: "I can take on Caltech guys. I'll just say, 'Ladies! I take showers!'"

Me: "Caltech guys shower too."

Tom: "'Ladies! I wear shoes!'"

Me: "Oh, that's a good one."

Tom: "'Ladies! I get around in a car instead of a unicycle!'"

Me: [laughing]

Tom: "'My choice of transportation has four wheels!'"


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with dumb girls?

John said...

"Tom: "I can take on Caltech guys. I'll just say, 'Ladies! I take showers!'""

OMG, I laughed out loud when I read that. Funny. I imagine the male-to-female ratio at Caltech is even more distorted than in Silicon Valley.

Anonymous said...

Your bro could start a Hackerdojo in LA. And teach game programming classes. And then the hot smart girls would come to him. :) And then they would get married, start a video company together and live happily ever after. Like a Pixar movie. Note the change from the Disney movie.

ArC said...

Someone once said that for girls at Caltech interested in guys, "the odds are good, but the goods are odd." =)

John said...

@ArC - women say that a lot in Silicon Valley / the Bay Area. But women are spoiled here. I had a friend who moved up from LA, and she said her self-esteem went *way* up...

Tom will have a whole lot better luck in Pasadena (outside of the Caltech campus) than here, though I don't know how smart the women are in Silicone Valley :) Or maybe he should hang out around UCLA & USC :)

Eric said...

Okay, but when he drives up to the campus, hangs out the window and starts bagging on some barefoot dude's unicycle, what are the smart girls going to think?