Monday, August 09, 2010

don't say 'if N = 1' (everyone else already made that joke)

The big news today is a circulated proof that P != NP. Researchers are analyzing the proof, and so far no one has found a flaw in it.

Me: "Did you see the 88-page paper? It is so understated. It starts off so cavalier: 'The P = NP question is generally considered one of the most important questions in computer science'..." [sending along the paper]

Stuttgart: "The title of the paper should be 'OMGWTF P != NP', and then the rest of the paper should be a dry technical proof."


Dog of Justice said...

The OMGWTF title only works if the proof is essentially correct. Otherwise you're just asking to be the butt of jokes for years.

This paper is much more likely to fall in the "introduces major new idea(s), but does not solve the problem by itself" category, from the discussion I've seen. But the next time somebody pulls a Perelman and actually finishes the job out of nowhere, I hope they heed Stuttgart's advice!

MrZed said...

well P can be zero also, :P

Anonymous said...

Hey I just realized you called me Stuttgart!

- Stuttgart