Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Sex and the City 2" movie!!

Sex and the City 2 is rated 16% on RottenTomatoes. Megan went to see it, and pronounced it "terrible". So it was with lowered expectations that I saw it last night.

It was fantastic! I loved it!

I remember reading a newspaper article about Star Wars: Phantom Menace when it came out. One of the fans queueing outside Mann's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood said, "You could show me two hours of Obi-Wan Kenobi mowing his lawn, and I would still go see it."

That's how I felt about the Sex and the City movie. It could be two hours of the ladies sitting in a diner eating flapjacks and discussing their romantic past, and I would still go to see it.

But it was not two hours of diner-eating. It was wonderful! There was a scene where Carrie wakes up Miranda to rescue Samantha from the consequences of her shenanigans. Instead of getting irritated at being woken up in the middle of the night, Miranda jumps out of bed and says, "I'm on it!" It was so sweet.

I also thought the way it portrayed relationships during the first half of the movie was realistic. The way people pester each other to change their behavior, and then sometimes the pestering results in the other person withdrawing out of feeling criticized. It seems realistic.


Anonymous said...

You are the reviewer who takes in the sequel no-one else loves. First Shrek 4, now SatS 2...

That said, I'll probably see Shrek 4, since pretty much everyone says it was better than 3, and I thought that the first two were great.

Anonymous said...

Did you read this:

wotv said...

I love that tailor/banker/tie/vest outfit on Carrie. It was eye-popping when I saw it the first time, and it still looks way cute now!
I think techie girls would look great in something like that!

Anonymous said... just came out with a new ecard for Sex and the City 2:

Anonymous said...

Why do Asian chicks have such awful tastes in movies? Fuck.