Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day cuteness

I called my mother on Sunday to wish her a happy Mother's Day.

My mother: "Your brother called two hours ago."

Me: "Yeah, I saw him yesterday in LA."

Mom: "How is he?"

Me: "He's on a fitness kick. He's down to 13% body fat."

Mom: "What is your body fat?"

Me: "I haven't measured in a long while. Last time I checked, it was 22%."

Mom: "Yours is much higher than Tom's, but you are not much fatter than him. Gosh, my body fat must be at least 50%."

Me: [laughing really hard]


writer said...

That sounds like a very Asian mom thing to say.

John said...

Maybe you should submit your mom stories to

tentoria said...

Laughs. You're fine the way you are. Who wants to look like a piece of kippered jerky anyway? Besides, it would be a shame to throw away all of those nice B├ęzier curves. :)