Sunday, May 02, 2010


Hanging out with Lillers on Friday night.

Lillers explained beer pong to me. Apparently you throw ping pong balls into a cup of beer, and then drink the beer. Won't the ping pong ball be smushed against your nose, rolling beer onto your face while you drink? Also the ping pong ball is unsanitary. You wouldn't go around licking a bunch of ping pong balls, so why would you drink beer after dunking ping pong balls into the beer?


writer said...

The alcohol sanitizes the ping pong balls. If you believe the alcohol content is not high enough to sanitize it, you can play it using higher-alcohol-content beverages.

Lily said...

you take the ball out of the cup before you drink it :)

Anonymous said...

You can take the ball out but after a few you are too drunk to care.