Friday, May 21, 2010

let's make sure this SMS conversation passes validation

My parents and brother are on a Chinese-run tour of the East Coast right now. It is a six-day tour, conducted by bus. They started from New York City, rode down to Washington DC, and will soon return north to Boston and Niagara Falls.

This tour group does a promotion of "buy 2 get one free", as long as all three people stay in the same hotel room. Last year my parents and I went on a tour run by the same company, for the western US.

This morning I got a SMS from my brother:

Tom: "Might need to take a vacation after this one to get rid of stress."

Me: "Oh no, what is wrong?? Is it because you have to wake up at 6am?"

Tom: "No, that's fine. It's that we spend 90% of the time on the bus and get like 30 minutes at each stop."

Tom: "We got 60 minutes at the Met, 25 minutes on Capitol Hill. Now 30 minutes at the Smithsonian. What a joke."

Me: "Are you meeting other tourists on the bus?"

Tom: "No i am meeting no one else. I am just filled with disappointment."

Me: "Hahaha what were you hoping for?"

Tom: "I don't know. I gave up 5 days on a beach in Hawaii to spend time with our parents."

Tom: "There better be some divine karma that is getting direct deposited as we speak."

Me: [laughing]

Tom: "XML"

Me: "What do you mean by XML? FML? Did your iphone auto-correct?"

Tom: "FML. </>"


I can't tell if that last part is him making a squinty maximum-frustration face, or if he is writing the closing tag for his XML schema.


ArC said...

Did Tom text a ">.<" emoticon or something? Cause your blog post just has a "..."

Niniane said...

It looks right to me. Try refresh and look again?

ArC said...

Huh. works now.

writer said...

Wow, your parents are remarkably young-looking for how old I assume they are. Kind of like mine, I guess.

Also, your brother should've gotten an iPad. It's great for times like that! It is the perfect "I'm out here waiting and I'm bored" internet device.

John said...

LOL! Those Chinese-run tours are notorious for cramming as much sightseeing into a given amount of time. Typical Chinese mentality of getting more value and photos of more sights, etc. (I must admit, I often subscribe to this same mentality!)

Anonymous said...

Grand prismatic spring: so awesome!

I feel your brother's pain. I guess 60 minutes of the met is better than 0 minutes...