Saturday, October 17, 2009


Yesterday I had dinner with C3 (my college friend), and two of his friends from high school.

Today, over IM:

C3: It turns out that before yesterday, Bob had thought you were two separate people, 'eggplant' [my college username for the computer cluster] and a guy named 'Gideon' who I initially met in high school. This is what happens when I don't enunciate 'Niniane' precisely enough.

I am trying to imagine the conversation wherein Bob discovers that this guy Gideon is actually me.


Anonymous said...

well, i always think you made your name based on something, because i am a mandarin speaker, and i found somehow your name actually means: 奶奶,if its correct, then it just means you fucked all the americans, which is a big HAHA..

Niniane said...

"奶奶" means grandmother in Chinese. Saying you are someone's elder relative is a way to make fun of them in Chinese culture.

Anyway, "Niniane" is a celtic name which is a variation on "Vivian". It means "alive".

It came from the Arthurian book written by Mary Stewart.

Niniane said...

(That first paragraph is for non-chinese speakers. The second & third paragraphs are in response to Anon.)

Anonymous said...

"Bob discovers that this guy Gideon is actually me"
A revelation of biblical proportions!