Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Barnes & Noble announced the Nook eBook reader.

I am curious about the touchscreen. I bought a Kindle last month, and still sometimes find myself jabbing its screen instead of pushing the buttons on the side.

Being able to lend a virtual book to your friend for 14 days is pretty cool. I would lend and borrow books more frequently, if there wasn't the concern about forgetting to return them. One of my friends actually keeps a library system for her books, with a card she sticks into the book cover.

The B&N advertising claims "over a million titles" whereas Amazon says 350,000. I wonder how B&N can have more titles. Perhaps through the Google Books project?

I've really enjoyed having a Kindle. I carry it in my purse. It is convenient to have a dozen books on hand to read, depending on my mood.

Another unforeseen benefit has been the ability to highlight sections and add notes, and have those saved into a single file.


Piaw Na said...

Yes, the claim is based on Google Books. When it comes to new books, Amazon wins hands down, on both price and selection.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Amazon needs lots of competition. It's good for consumers!

writer said...

Yeah, I'm delighted to have all those features on the iPhone app too, since I never liked the Kindle's form factor. It's really good to have a number of books on hand in your pocket.