Friday, October 30, 2009

giving an online talk about interviewing

My friend Lily is Director of Marketing at eduFire, an online video-learning web site.

Next Tuesday at 2pm PST, I'm giving an eduFire talk How to Rock Your Next Engineering Interview. Sign up, or pass onto any friends who may be interviewing for a job!

Here is the syllabus:

* Interview format
* The mindset
* Discussing past experience
* Coding questions
* Brainstorming questions
* Brainteasers
* Asking the interviewer about the company
* Following up
* Dress code, preparations


ArC said...

Is it live-only, or can we download it later?

Anonymous said...

you have grown up baby.

writer said...

Aww man, I wish I could write "guides that have made it to the front page of Digg and Reddit."

Dan McCarty said...

Is there any way to replay the class?