Tuesday, April 21, 2009

tweet tweet


If you can't get enough of my writings, you can follow me on twitter!

You're welcome.

(The over-the-top tone is a joke. If you didn't get that, please don't follow me since you won't enjoy it anyway.)


Anonymous said...

I think twitter MySpace widget is prettier than twitter blogger widget.

John K. Lin said...

What if we are already subscribed to your Twitter stream and *still* can't get enough of your writings? LOL...

Personally, I am sick of the Twitter hype, and send out this link whenever someone asks me what Twitter is all about...

Twitter Frenzy | The Daily Show

sanjuro said...

I'm pleased to announce I just bought you for $200 on Buytter (one of those Twitter apps/parasites): http://buytter.com/niniane However I'm afraid I'm going to lose the ownership fast.

Anonymous said...

Is the giant whitespace part of the joke somehow?

Brent said...

I think you're supposed to write:

"You're Welome,
The Management"

But funny irregardless (oh yeah, I went there!). :)

Anonymous said...

Does twitting make us more lonely or more connected to the world ? I think it makes us more lonely as the twitting does not generate real relationship but superficial pop or mtv fast pace entertainment. We are texting and checking on text message.
Time can be spend better in real world.