Thursday, April 30, 2009

should be easy to write a rap song about Safeway

randell: there are names for three of the safeways in san francisco
randell: the one in marina is dateway
randell: the one on castro is gayway
niniane: oh that's good
randell: the one in the mission is stayaway
niniane: the safeway in hollywood can be waifway
niniane: in quake, it'd be strafeway


Dan said...

Dolores? The canonical Dateway is in the Marina, as far as I know.

randell said...

I thought it (randell) was me.

John K. Lin said...

The Safeway in the Marina is Dateway, not Dolores!

Niniane said...

You guys are right. I corrected it to Marina.

David said...

I have heard the one in the Mission referred to as the "UnSafeway."