Friday, April 10, 2009

meow meow vroom

An email exchange:

From: Niniane Wang
To: Om K

Check out this story from fmylife:

"Today, I ran over a squirrel. I saw it twitching so I backed over it to end its suffering. It wasn't a squirrel it was a kitten. The children it belonged to watched as I ran over their kitten. TWICE. FML"

From: Om K

niniane i have a cat!!!

but this is still funny

From: Niniane Wang

Are you sure you still have the cat? When was the last time you saw it?

From: Om K

now now now now 1 second ago now now

From: Niniane Wang



David said...

Humane drivers always carry a pack of morphine to administer at tragic moments like that.

terra preta said...

'Catastrophe: Memoirs on the Prevailing Domesticity of the North American Bushmeat Trade.'

randell said...

Ouch. Poor kitty. But yeah, funny. Schadenfreud. LOL