Tuesday, April 07, 2009

amusing dialogue from a long time ago

I came across this draft from many months ago. It made me laugh, so I am posting it.

Me: "I can't find my How of Happiness book. The last time I saw it, you carried it in your bag along with your own book."

Trenton: [goes in closet very briefly, then emerges]

Me: "Was it there?"

Trenton: "No."

Me: "That wasn't very long. It seems as though you just walked in, paused for a few seconds, and then walked out."

Trenton: "Oh, I didn't pause long enough! Oops!"

Me: "Ha ha."

Trenton: "Did you own this book?"

Me: "Yes, before it was lost by you."

Trenton: "That's why I used the past tense."

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David said...

The only rule about letting people borrow things is never let people borrow things.