Thursday, September 11, 2008

House Bunny mysteries

Recently I watched "The House Bunny" with my brother. It's an entertaining movie.

The premise is that a playboy bunny gets kicked out of Hef's mansion, and becomes house mother of a geeky sorority. She gives them makeovers, and they teach her to value her smarts.

Here is the before picture of the sorority girls:

and the after photo:

If the movie genre isn't clear, here's another hint: one of the previews featured Richard Gere.

I liked the movie. It reminded me of Caltech (sorry, Beavers). However, there were several mysteries that are disturbing my enjoyment of the film. If you can concoct a reasonable hypothesis for any of them, please leave a comment.

Believable explanations only! No elaborate tales. Also no useless comments like "it's a movie" or "it's all made up".

1. How come the geeky sorority girls have such nice figures? I realize they're in waterbras and heels, but they still have unnaturally good material to start from. Maybe because they're 19 with the youthful metabolisms.

2. Where did they get the money for the makeovers and parties? Manicure / pedicures cost around $50. Hair extensions cost upward of $200. Is this coming from the university sorority budget?

3. How come Oliver gives Shelley (the playboy bunny) another chance even though he wants a smart upstanding woman (plus she lied to him)?

4. After the epiphany about embracing their true selves, why does Natalie still go for this guy who noticed her most when she pretended to be less knowledgeable (about the Aztecs)?

I hope we can resolve these mysteries, so that the path will be paved for House Bunny 2.


Russell said...

1) 19 with youthful metabolism is a pretty solid answer.

2) If it's the geeky sorority can't we assume that it was through some sort of tech wizardy, hollywood-esque "hacking" and so on? Failing that, mightn't it be simply that they had the money?

3) Because he's still a guy, no matter what he says.

4) Having not actually seen the movie I can only speculate that it's because the guy is still the most attractive one to be found?

I guess my question is what's so unbelievable about all of this?

Melinda O said...

I haven't seen the movie. But let me take a stab at 2, 3 and 4.
#2: Don't people in sororities generally have rich parents?
#3: She's hot and easy. He secretly doesn't really want a smart, upstanding woman for what will likely be a fling.
#4. He's hot? Also, she's internalized society's messages about smart women, so deep down she minimizes his flaw.

Jeremy said...

1. They're 19 with the youthful metabolisms. Plus aren't all geeks girls really just hot girls wearing glasses, with their hair tied back?

2. Have you ever seen that site where girls who want boob jobs post their pictures and an online community of guys give them money to make it happen. Enterprising co-eds with youthful metabolisms might find the local fraternities to be surprisingly charitable.

3. Despite what they think they want sometimes guys just want a hot girl, sadly.

4. Despite what they think they want sometimes girls just want a hot guy, sadly.

ArC said...

Nearly everything I've heard about this movie depresses me.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they will cast you in House Bunny 2 as one of the geeks turned hottie.

writer said...

I wonder if this film manages to pass the Bechdel Test.

Niniane said...

I had to look up what the Bechdel test is.

Spoiler alert! I'm sure you were all going to rush out and watch the movie this weekend, so beware of the upcoming Spoiler Alert.

There's one part where Shelley (the bunny) needs to make a career decision between being a Playboy centerfold vs. staying as the house mother of the sorority. This does not directly pertain to any men. Ergo I think it does pass the Bechdel test.

Anonymous said...

2) money from the calenders

Anonymous said...

Yay, I just saw this movie for the first time... I'm so late. Heehehe.

1. I agree with what Jeremy said.

2. I'm assuming that Shelley paid for the cost of the makeovers and the party.

You have to remember that Shelley was a playboy model... infact playmates make $20,000-25,000 a year. And since she's been working at the mansion for 7 years?.. She was probably making more than that and is possibly rich, but I don't get why the movie had her in a cheap wagon when she left the mansion for the first time.

3. A little bird(Natalie) told Oliver about everything (ex: what kind of person Shelley is, and her true feelings for Oliver). Remember, Shelley saved Zeta so Natalie had to try and convince Oliver and make this one special for Shelley. It wouldn't make any sense if Natalie just went and told him, "Did you know Shelley isn't really in Peru? Bye!"

4. He is Natalie's crush, she is a virigin... never had a bf, y'get where I'm heading. And he did told her that she looked fine without the crazy make-up that Shelley defined for them. So this part supposely meant that he accepted her for who she is, yadi-yada... horomones reach climax... *poop* They made out/kiss.

Niniane said...

2. Playmates only make $20k per year? Is that a typo? I guess their expenses are taken care of, so she can put it all towards savings. Maybe she invested wisely.

3. You're right. Natalie presumably explained what Shelley is really like. I can believe that explanation.