Monday, September 15, 2008

hand soaps.

Online soap shopping is challenging! First, you must decide the texture:

  • moisturing
  • deep cleansing
  • gentle foam

and then the bombardment of aromas, without being able to smell them:

  • cherry blossom
  • japanese cherry blossom
  • orange ginger
  • wild honeysuckle
  • sweet pea
  • irresistible apple
  • eucalyptus spearmint
  • lavendar vanilla

But I had to get through it. I am having a soap issue.

I used Costco clear soap for four years. Then I visited a coworker's house, and it opened my eyes to how wonderful soap can be. I know now that soap doesn't have to be just a tool for fighting bacteria. It can be a source of joy and stress relief and energy, depending on the aroma.

Now it will be my turn to have great soap. My soaps will be so satisfying that when people need to go to the bathroom, they'll drive from their house to my house so that they can wash their hands with my soap afterwards.


ArC said...

You're such a girl! (*cough*... I prefer Pears soap, actually. =) But that's about as far as my acceptance of scented soaps goes; past that my usual aversion to strong perfumes kicks in.)

Hey, wait, I don't understand why you're buying these soaps online scent un...smelled. Wouldn't it make more sense for you to buy them at a real store first, then decide which ones you like and buy those ones online in the future?

And finally, if your soaps are that awesome, won't your guests just steal 'em? Or eat them, a la Homer Simpson?

Russell said...

Have you considered making your own soap? It's easier than you might think.

ArC said...

I wish Russell had signed that last comment "Tyler Durden"...

(I am John's silly geek reference.)

Anonymous said...

obligatory link: Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps

Melinda O said...

I had this pepperminty soap once that made my face tingle when I used it in the shower in the morning. That was nice. I forget the name, though. Something like devil soap or sinful soap.

khoikhoi said...

But your poor guests, having blissed out on your vast array of personal scented soap products, will promptly re-contaminate themselves on their own filthy, E.coli-covered door handles and steering wheels. They need to don oven mitts during the exodus from their bathrooms, and discard them prior to the bleach dip and subsequent aroma therapy. Of course, the long line of mitt-wearing friends at your door is likely to attract the attention of neighbors. Problem solved with the following neon sign: "The Holy Church of the Baked Potato". :)

Anonymous said...

You have to try the handsoaps from Bath & Body Works (especially the Black Raspberry Vanilla...yum).
It really does make you want to wash your hands a lot :P

Anna said...

If you love soaps try

Anna said...

I love the Body Scrubbys

There's 4 scents... it's soap and a loofa together in slices... LOVE IT :)

Anonymous said...

It's a wonderful post. You made my day. What kind of a wisdom u gave about soaps! ;)

thisgirlangie said...

Following what Russell said, Lifehacker recently had a post about how to make your own hand soap ( and then you can add your own scents to it. My current favorite store-bought soaps come from the hotsy-totsy Whole Foods and such stores - starting with Method products and ending up with Mrs Meyers Clean Day or EO products.

Instead of buying online, spend 10 minutes at Whole Foods or Elephant Pharmacy. The experience itself is stress-reducing :)

Thomas said...

Simple yet traditional soaps might be good candidates to fill a bathroom with: aleppo and marseille soaps!

Lively said...

Interesting how there can be so many comments about soap. Here's my 2 bits - i like soaps that smell like ocean.