Thursday, June 12, 2008

you had me at "hello world"

niniane: "We could store section X of data in memory."

alipé: "Or we could use that memory to increase the overall cache."

[ ... various debate ... ]

alipé: "We're only speculating that X will be accessed more often than the rest of the data. Better just to rely on caching."

niniane: "That's a good observation."

alipé: "Show me the cache!"


ArC said...


(Though this does make me wonder about how humor works, because 30 Rock did a spin on that same famous quote that I found rather funny. It wasn't a pun, though.)

Also, why not profile and figure out if X should be kept around in memory? I suppose your multi-terabyte world (I assume) is so different from mine, where half a gig of memory is luxury.

pinky said...

Someone should write a rap about caches and caching. A group effort, perhaps?

More than just a buffer,
yo, I got backing store!
Write through, write back
in your face, asking for more!

My bits are dirty, but I never flush...
Minsky's magic mappings always get the tush...
My friends, they all call me Horatio...
Lawd knows they can't touch my wicked hit ratio!

Sigh. Neeext! :)

ArC said...

On further thought, 30 Rock's joke was about the same movie, but it wasn't about the 'show me the money' line.

(As a diehard fan, I'm obligated to make such corrections or they'll revoke my membership.)