Thursday, June 19, 2008

no, it was on Bebo

Today is my mother's birthday.

niniane: I sent my mom a flowering plant.
omst: On Facebook?



Jeremy said...

I thought I was the only one who doesn't "get" Facebook.

Sascha said...

brave new world ;-)

John K. Lin said...

If you sent your mother flowers via Facebook, then you would indeed be the "worst daughter ever!" Maybe that will be your friend who forgot Mother's Day :-)

mahlen said...

Much as we needed to invent the term "snail mail" to differentiate it from email, we now need a way to denote a gift as having a physical existence, as opposed to being an entry in a database. :)

An opportunity to extend the English language awaits!


ArC said...

mahlen: isn't that what the word 'real' is for?

(But a gift doesn't have to have a physical existence to be real. If someone took the time to compose me a poem -- and it didn't suck -- then it would be real and lovely even though it's intangible.)

Shan said...

Yawn... This is the best an engineering manager can do? I had expected more but I guess a pretty face works wonders.

This world is fucked and so is everyone who makes it worse.

It's all about prestige, power and attractiveness. Fucking bullshit.

And if you don't approve this comment, then you will simply reaffirm my previous statements.

Jeremy said...

shan: Dude, what the heck is your problem? What does Niniane's profession have to do with how exciting her blog is? Why do you care? Maybe she uses all of her brain power at work and has nothing leftover for her personal blog.

Many of us blog about stupid stuff that will never change the world. Is that ok with you? I mean, you seem to be the content editor for humanity so I just wanted to get your approval.

I thought her post was pretty funny and even if I didn't, it's ok. You're not obligated to read her blog nor are you obligated to comment.

You could read her post critically and say that it provides a comment on how many people today have digital-only interactions with others and how some of us find that sad because it can be dehumanizing.

In any case, if you think you can get by in the tech world with a pretty face or prestige alone, then you're sadly mistaken. Talent always floats to the top.

[Niniane: sorry for the off-topic comment]

Anonymous said...

@Jeremy: I'm pretty amused that in trying to defend Niniane, you've validated shan's claims that the blog is boring and thoughtless.

Smooth work, stud.

Niniane said...

I was amused by this as well.

The best/worst line was "Maybe she uses all of her brain power at work and has nothing leftover for her personal blog."

Jeremy said...

@Anonymous and @Niniane:

Heh. Yeah, I guess what I wrote could be interpreted that way, but what I really meant is that a personal blog doesn't have to contain Earth-shattering news or anything high-brow. Shan seemed to imply that Niniane is doing the world a disservice by posting stuff she finds funny and isn't blogging on her discourses on world hunger or cold fusion with Nobel laureates.

Ok, ok, ok. You're right. The "brain power" comment does come across pretty bad. That's what I get for commenting on an empty stomach on a Sunday morning. Maybe I left all of my brain power at work when I left on Friday.

My only defense is that I'm chronically misunderstood.

Anonymous said...

@niniane: I think we upset him.

@shan: awww, the phonies getting to you again, Holden?

Minchieh said...

Let me associate with a Chinese old poem in thinking:


I try to translate in my poor English...

"flowers fall alone and river flows persistently, a thinking of love in two different places, no way to stop to think of love, just put down her/his feeling, but it comes into his/her heart at that moment."

valska said...

Haha! That is quite funny. The flowers are lovely.

Anonymous said...

I like the self-validating part of shan's comment. It's basically, "if u don't agree with me then ur a retard."

He must be very frustrated. "My argument is so compelling! Why doesn't it convince people in real life???"