Friday, June 06, 2008

My encounter with Star Trek celebrity

Google has brought in a number of well-known dignitaries over the years, and I've gotten used to seeing them around campus. But on Tuesday, in the bathroom adjoining the gym, I experienced a heart-stopping brush with celebrity.

I was washing my hands when a tall woman in a black sweater walked past me. She looked like Gates McFadden. Then I looked at her visitor tag and it read "Gates McFadden".

I experienced a jolt of adrenaline.

Gates McFadden is the actress who played Beverly Crusher on "Star Trek: The Next Generation".

This was very, very exciting for me.

I watched a lot of Star Trek growing up. Dr. Crusher was a fascinating character: cold and a little aloof, very professional, very beautiful, with an interesting past.

My friend Laura walked through the bathroom door, and I waved her into the locker room next door. Then I said, "OhmyGod, Gates McFadden is in the bathroom!!"

Laura said, "Who's that?"

I pulled us both back into the bathroom. As the Gates McFadden-like visitor headed toward the door, I stopped her and asked, "Are you the actress who played Dr. Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation?"

During my entire question, she peered down at me through large sunglasses, with no facial expression. I began to feel pretty foolish. Then she removed her sunglasses, and said, "Yes I am."

I should've realized the answer would be yes, because who besides an actress would wear sunglasses in the bathroom?

I presume it's to avoid being dogged by persistent Star Trek fans, like me.

She had read a flier hanging around, and she asked me, "What's a changelist?"

I explained.

She asked Laura about her work, and told us the reason for her visit. Then she said Google was a great place, and very "Star Trek-y". I presume the last part was to humor me. I enjoyed it very much.

Then she left before I could start in with, "Hey, in that epispode where you're psychically bound to Captain Picard and you discover your feelings for each other..."


Anonymous said...

You are funny. If I would be there I would act like Laura.
I wonder if those famous actors get upset if somebody can't recognize them even if they act upset if somebody actually recognizes them when in fact they are happy inside?

John K. Lin said...

So why was Gates McFadden at Google for? Does she have a new book or movie coming out?

>Then she left before I could
>start in with, "Hey, in that

Too funny. I can only imagine the actors and actresses getting asked that. Reminds me of the Saturday Night Live skit that William Shatner was in, "Get a life"

Video clip: (can't find the complete skit)...

Niniane said...

> Too funny. I can only imagine the actors and actresses getting asked that.

If something seems "too funny", consider that it might be a joke.

John K. Lin said...

>If something seems "too funny",
>consider that it might be a joke.

I am laughing at your joke.

uRB4N said...

My brother was in a class that was taught by Avery Brooks, Captain Sisko on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

He can't go through one lecture without getting some stupid Star Trek question.

Anonymous said...

How come you didn't get a photo with her?

/grrrr I usually go to the gym at lunch but I didn't go today :(

Anonymous said...

And... What's a changelist?

ArC said...

So yeah, what was the reason for her visit?

I only wish you'd introduced yourself as "Melllvar".

JPrueba said...

Hi Niniana! Excuse me. What is a changelist? I didn`t understand that part..

Anonymous said...

CHANGELIST = (Dilithium) Crystal Hardness Analogue Natural Gamma Emission Leak In Star Trek

It's an O(n) nastiness related to an evil villain known as Perforce that we must eliminate in the new Star Trek universe.

Anyway, I'm not surprised that she didn't know this technical detail as she was only a medical officer...

BTW, 3G iPhone sucks compared with my Tricorder.

Anonymous said...

3G iPhone, Tricorder, etc. You mere mortals in need of these basic physical objects?

Q Continuum