Monday, May 12, 2008

if you forgot too, write a comment so that I feel even better

Me: "I feel like I'm not being a good enough daughter, because I'm not spending enough time with my mom."

Cindy: "You're letting her stay at your house."

Me: "Yeah, but that's not enough. Anyway, what did you do for Mother's Day?"

Cindy: "I actually forgot to call my mom."

Me: "What? You didn't call your mom at all?"

Cindy: "Not until the next day. She even sent me an sms, but I was busy and by the time I thought of it, it was 2am her time."

Me: "Oh my God. Well, at least I called my mom yesterday and ate dinner with her."

Cindy: [making a face like :-| and nodding] "I was pretty bad."

Me: "You totally are! I'm a better daughter than you, at least! This is great!"

Cindy: [nodding abashedly]

Me: "I knew you could make me feel better. Thank you! I'm so glad we talked."

Cindy: "You're welcome."


John K. Lin said...

Your friend Cindy is sooooo bad!

How can you forget to call your mom on Mother's Day? Did Cindy at least SMS her mom back??? (I'm impressed that her mother sent an SMS - my mother barely knows how to use her cell phone that I got her).

That's so funny that you felt totally better at Cindy's expense.

Christopher said...

Well, I forgot. I thought it came much later in May. I even called my mum and asked her some unrelated annoying questions, adding to the insult. I didn't figure it out until my dad reminded me today.

So you're a better daughter than I am. Congratulations!

Strider Aragorn said...

My wife even reminded me... by the time I actually got around to it, it was 2am my time, 3am her time. I sent an email, which she never got.

At least she got the card I sent in time...

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but is there a way to prevent multiple inheritance in C++? Just curious to know.

Anonymous said...

I didn't forget. I got my wife a Wii for Mother's Day! ;-)

John K. Lin said...

Anonymous - that Wii sounds more like a gift for yourself :-)

Anonymous said...

When will Niniane ba a mommy?

pk@nl said...

Heh, good cop, bad cop. I forget about the important dates every so often, still I am pretty convinced about the ones that love me, they know I always virtually remmember all of important info on them, so they are pretty sure I'm thinking of them, I just wasnt able to drop the darn text msg, skypechat, mail, postcard, send flowers in due to lack of time/space/other unexpected caues. Warm words to You, Cindy, and both of Ya moms.