Monday, May 26, 2008


I'm buying a new bed frame. Overstock has worked well for me, so I'm considering these frames from their site:




I'm told that my existing home decor scheme is to locally maximize each piece of furniture. i.e. I have the prettiest chandelier, the prettiest dining room table, the prettiest clock, but together they are a mishmash. The whole is less than the sum of the parts.

To combat this, I have to figure out what goes with my dresser.

and jewelry chest:

and the room itself (sky-blue walls and light pine hardwood floors).


writer said...

The "real" choice is to throw it all out and purchase a whole set by itself, the PRETTIEST set.

Failing that, option B.

BilliamJ said...

Of the frames I have to say the first one is the nicest, and I'm not a fan of the word mishmash, I like to think of my place as being eclectic.

Anonymous said...

don't think any of your choices are a perfect match. they're all relatively modern looking (and very dark), whereas your current furniture is more antique and reddish/light.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'd choose B :P

Dave said...


You have some rough choices.

Why does Google change their logo for every holiday & event but today.. One of the most important days for Americans they do not honour veterans on Memorial Day?

Yahoo changed their logo today.


Todd B said...

I like A and B the best. In fact, I'd probably purchase either of those for myself.

Chris said...

Of the three choices, I think B would match the closest. The color is similar, and it has the same curving structure. Or I'm insane. ; P

Anonymous said...

A looks good.

Melinda O said...

I agree with Chris. B matches your current bedroom set the best.

Incidentally, if you are throwing out a perfectly fine bed frame, I might be interested in having it.

ArC said...

writer, IMO buying a set is admitting to failure. It'd be like buying an entire outfit from the same label.

Y'know, it might be cool if you could get a woodworker to carve detailing for the bed to match or complement the dresser's carvings.

But even though it echoes the dresser's shape, I don't think the colors are complementary. Or, yeah, what anon in comment 3 said.

Pokai said...

How about putting your whole room on this web and then you can play around with config colors etc. also, others can comment and make suggestions.

Anonymous said...

I've lost all respect for you since you deleted my post about the possible recreational aspects (tiedown points) of some of the bed frames. Since the post contained no openly offensive content, I'm forced to conclude that you are a narrow-minded prude.

Tsk, tsk. I guess I'll have to take down my "Niniane RULEZ" banner.