Thursday, May 01, 2008

statements that didn't work

Tonight at dinner, Dan dissected the Myers-Brigg scale, in particular the introvert vs. extrovert label. He gave the classic definition of how introverts recharge their batteries through time alone, a concept he strongly identifies with.

Me: I'm starting to feel like our conversations are just combinations of the same topics, repeated.

Dan: Yeah, we need to determine the eigenvectors of our conversation. Then we can never talk again. I can recharge my battery forever!

Me: That's not good, Dan. Batteries that are fully charged for too long will lose their capacity.

Dan: [look of contempt]

At lunch with Dan some time ago, at Google Cafe 150.

Me: Speaking of Asian fetishes, here comes Ozzir.

Ozzir: [walking over to our table] Hey.

Me: Dan, this is my friend Ozzir from YouTube. Ozzir, Dan.

Dan: [to Ozzir] So you're being used as an example of a white guy with an Asian fetish.

Ozzir: 'Fetish' sounds so strong. I like to call it an Asian 'preference'.

Dan: But you can't be that bad. I mean, you may have an Asian fetish, but at least you didn't move to China.

Ozzir: I moved to Japan. I'm just visiting for this week.


John K. Lin said...

So what is your Myers-Brigg? I'm guessing you are an introvert...

Eigenvectors...geez, do you guys really talk like this? I haven't heard that term probably since college...

ArC said...

JKL, that's one of the reasons why Dan and Niniane rewl.

Joanna said...

Is all of google this witty?


Anonymous said...

meh, asian fetishes are so 5 years go. This is a tired topic. In California, asians are about as "exotic" as Trader Joe's.

Anonymous said...

Does Dan also have an Asian fetish?

Niniane said...

Dan does not have an Asian fetish.

Anonymous said...

Niniane scared Dan away from Asians FOREVER.