Friday, February 01, 2008

peanut gallery

At an internal tech talk, I'm standing in the back of the room with my Googler friend JA. We're listening to a presentation about some infrastructure.

Me: Wow, this is really cool. This is amazing. I can't wait to use this.

JA: Yeah. How much do you think XX [the speaker] contributes to Google?

Me: He's like the G that makes up Google.

... Later, the speaker finished, and a second speaker went to the podium.

Speaker #2: I'm going to talk about project Y. First, an overview of how Google search works. [shows slide with blob of "The Web" connected to "crawler" and then "indexer"] Now, some engineers here may not know what the indexer does.

Me: [whispering to JA] Really?

JA: [smiling] How about the crawler. What does that do?

Me: He should explain what "The Web" is.

JA: [gesturing toward the Google logo on every slide] Or what is "Google"?


Kevin Fox said...

If a crawler crawls, what does a spider do? ;-)

louisgray said...

If it has an index, then it must have a table of contents, bibliography and epilogue as well, right?

Vote for niniane said...


You are either extremely lucky or extraordinarily brilliant?

Selling off your Google shares just before they take a dump and then on top of that Microsoft buys Yahoo...


Can you help our economy???

Niniane for president!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL... I get the impression you would be a very fun person to work with!