Friday, February 08, 2008


At a big group dinner with Laura and Katherine, two Googlers that I see occasionally.

Katherine: These new "Sex in the City" ripoffs are so lame. Like the one with Lucy Liu. The characters are not believable.

Laura: The three of us need to make one.

Me: Where should it be set?

Katherine: Not here. Or NYC. Oh, it should be set in Rome.

Me: [appraising her] You could pass for being Italian.

Katherine: I AM Italian.


Me: Our show needs some kind of drama. Like, my character meets an Italian guy, and he's really cute. But it turns out he has chest hair.

Laura: Yeah! So much chest hair. But he's very sweet to you.

Me: Right, so my character is torn.

Laura: [offhandedly, while eating salad] The hair is on his back too.

Me: [recoiling]

Laura: He cooks dinner for you.


Anonymous said...

Niniane could be the token self-hating Asian, always chasing after white boys who are only boning her to see if her pussy really is sideways!

/sorry, too easy.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sick of these morons leaving messages like the one above. Anonymous 8:58 you're a coward whose male ego is threatened. Your only weapon is this base bullshit where you strike so low it's sickening. Human vermin. Imbecile!

Niniane you should really just delete these moronic comments.

Anonymous said...

I find comments like the second anonymous much more fun to read if I imagine Ignatius J. Reilly typing them angrily in his squalid room in his mother's house.

ihn said...

@ 2/08/2008 10:26 PM
Why? So that we can only read comments from asiaphiles like you?

ihn said...

@ 2/08/2008 8:58 PM
So basically Niniane will be playing herself on this show.

Anonymous said...

"Katherine" kind of reminds me of a Catherine I met once. Did you forget to consult your fact-checking staff on the spelling?

Joe Camel said...

I think it all revolves around common sense, no?

My point being that if every other white woman was dating or married to a minority men -and- minority women weren't inclined to dating white men, you'd be pretty much be complaining about how white men and their "threatened" ego as well.

Let's have a quiz, shall we?

A.) If non-Asian women were very inclined to dating Asian men but men were not inclined to date Asian women, who would be angry?

B.) If non-black men were very inclined to dating black women but women were not inclined to date black men, who would be angry?

C.) If non-Latin women were very inclined to dating Latin men but men were not inclined to date Latin women, who would be angry?

Answer Key:

A.) Asian women
B.) Black men
C.) Latin women

So, can be please dispense with the bull? The fact that white men aren't complaining or their ego isn't "threatened" is because they're currently coming out ahead in the deal. Hell, I know plenty of bitter white men who grumble when they see white women with black men. To add onto that, black men date white women at a far higher than black women but it's the black men that get pissed off when they see a black women white with a white man.

In fact, I'm willing to bet that out of all men, white men are the most insecure because they're almost always the first to place stereotypes on minority men as a way of further increasing their social advantage. Their tactic is to gain sexual rights to minority women but at the same time, keeping white women from dating minority men. The media always reflects your true feelings on your outlook in life. Thus, if white men control the media, what they show is actually what they think of you.

White women are the dominant female representation on earth because of the power of white media. They are the standard of beauty.

Males from every race choose her as a status symbol. Black men, Asian men, Arab men, Hispanic men become rich and marry white. White women/men are a trophy of sorts. White men love white women so much that white men used to kill any non -white who touched her. That is how powerful white woman's beauty is perceived.

Black women can't compete with white women unless they straighten their hair. Asian women can't compete with white women unless they widen their eyes and lighten their skin.

What can you do? Thats just the way it is.

White womens' beauty has become such a status symbol that males actually consider other males who can't seduce her to be "losers."

There is a perception in the West that since Asian males can't seduce white women. Even Asian women will call Asian males "losers" for allegedly not being able to seduce the "great white female prize."
That is how powerful white women's beauty is. You know white women are the king of beauty when women of OTHER races (Asian women) call males of their OWN race "losers" for not rejecting her in favor of the White blue eyed blonde prize.

Once Asian men get the approval and nod from white women, Asian women will then believe Asian men are great.

This isn't rocket science, folks. Again, it's common sense and just studying social interactions through the centuries will prove that it's correct. Hell, there was this whitewashed Asian woman in my workplace that refused to date Asian men. When my great looking cousin walked in to meet me and all her white female coworkers starting cooing and saying how hot he was, the Asian woman said "why is it when I finally spot a great Asian guy, you white girls try to steal him?"

I firmly believe that white women are more supportive of Asian men than Asian women are.

John K. Lin said...

Funny, has had two postings on Cashmere Mafia and Lucy Liu.

Lucy Liu in ABC’s Cashmere Mafia

Cashmere Mafia … this is … different

Note: in the show, Lucy Liu's character does date a Chinese guy, as well as Caucasian guys.

Anonymous said...

I had to LOL at anonymous #2. I made that comment so I must automatically be male? Are you serious? I'm an ASIAN FEMALE.

Oh, but because I'm an Asian female I'm supposed to giggle and blush "oh i so happy i like bash asian man white man so much better!"

Give me a break.

Clay said...

Jesus, you SFO chicks really have it made don't you? Surrounded by a town full of dorky computer science geeks who worship the ground you walk on because the supply is so lame. It's just like back at Grad School, 500 computer science students and 10% of them are ugly fat chicks who get treated like queens because they have XX chromosome.

Guys, get a transfer to Shanghai and you'll see how average these bitches really are.

Anonymous said...

He's one of those losers believing than kissing Niniane's ass, they will
get a wink.

ArC said...

Cashmere Mafia's produced by the guy who produced SatC, and Lipstick Jungle's produced by the author whose columns inspired SatC.

The former is nearly the first AsAm romance on screen, though I wouldn't be surprised if the Asian guy's just a rebound guy. Eh.

I enjoy watching escapist fantasy, and I love New York, but I'm hitting the saturation point on shows 'bout extraordinarily rich people. Also, the one ep I did watch of Cashmere Mafia had the weirdest, clumsiest editing I've ever seen.

(speaking of the opposite, new Breaking Bad episode tonight.)

Anonymous said...

Finally I see a Ninaine blog that gets more then 3 or 4 comments...

So I decide to read them.

So Niniane has a fetish.
Hairless little boys..
Don't we all have ideal partners?

joe camel is a freak.
unless he sobered up and re-read his drivel and said WTF was I thinking.

All men think that women from every race are hot. We do not discriminate.

We will hump a pile of rocks if we think a willing snake is in it.

Women are the gatekeepers of reproduction.

Generally women will date pro-create with whoever they think will benefit their offspring.

Money & power make their decisions. Race is 2nd in the thought process.

So by simple logic if the hairy Italian was cute, cooked Niniane dinner and owned the beautiful yellow villa near the castle in Portifino overlooking the ocean.

Her cute little ass would be in the air begging him to make her a mommy.

But realistically he would not need to be that cute or cook her dinner if he owned that property. :-)

Anonymous said...

I have to say that it got the point that i no longer want to talk to asian women when i am out with friends at bars/clubs. This maybe due to factors such as seeing so many AF/WM pairing that it affect my thinkng that all asian female prefer non asian.

Do other asian guys feel the same way ? It feel depressing at time and it does bother me. I am by no mean a "loser", i have a good paying job with a nice office, athletic, and into body lifting.

I think that this is a major issue within the asian community. There are so many discussions on this topic online, but not in public. Maybe this be to be address in public, to talk about it. If we don't talk about it in public, then it will not go nowhere.

Anonymous said...

Well, there's no doubt in my NY observations of the increasing WM/AF pairing. I see it on the way to work and from. And sometimes it irks me because I'll notice the WM appearing (or acting so cool) and the AF always beaming or smiling. What could the guy be saying all the time to warrant all this friggin smiling. There some definite ego-stroking going on here.

And I have no explanation for the number of 6ft 3 and above WM with 5ft and below AF. I just don't see where the two respective body surface area's really "click" or get things covered during the woopy making, but maybe that's just me.

Finally, will someone clue me into just what the WM is saying in the bars and clubs to get the AF's interest/contact info? Are they saying anything different from any non-WM? Can a lame WM deliver a prosaic line and get the digits that a well-to-do, well put together non-WM can't - in a statistical sense. What are the pickup lines guys? ...conversation threads maybe ???