Sunday, February 03, 2008

funny streetview video

X showed me this video yesterday. I laughed so hard.


ArC said...


I feel slightly cheated that the address listed in the video (the street address is clearly visible and they say their zip code out loud) doesn't seem to be the apartment complex used for the video. Yes, I checked. C'mon, who wouldn't?

Anonymous said...

hi Niniane,
I would like to know if you are consistent with your name changing. Because I have noticed that you have often used 'X' to refer to the guy you are currently dating.
Could we assume that in this post and henceforth, whenever we see 'X', it refers to your current date?

By the way, the blog rocks! And the interview prep articles on your website too!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

And is this X or YT an Asian guy? :-)
Just kidding...:-)

Anyway, happy Chinese New Year, Niniane!

Hopefully, in this year of rat, you will get married and have a lot of the rats..ha..ha...:-)

pk, .nl said...

Hopefully that dutch guy pk didnt make of himself such a moron as at least one of those nym guys. Cheers to You, no matter what does X equal to. Cheers.