Tuesday, February 05, 2008

airport brainstorming

At SJC airport this afternoon, waiting to fly to LA for Google's company trip to Disneyland.

Me: "My last couple of blog posts were probably only funny to Googlers."

Dan: "No, they weren't funny even to me."

Me: "What the hell!"

Dan: [shrugging]


Five of us sat around a table at California Pizza Kitchen at the airport.

Jim: "XXX broke up after getting engaged."

Me: "Oh, why? He's such a nice guy!"

Jim: "I don't know the story. I just know he broke up."

Me: "If only there was some service that collates people's breakup stories. I want to know the details."

Bob: "This can be a Google product. Organizing the world's breakup information and making it universally accessible and useful."

Me: [laughing]

Dan: "Every day when you log into Gmail, there can be a text entry box, 'Did anything embarrassing happen last night?'"


Matthew said...

You could call it Google Crazy Ex.

ArC said...

Just make a Facebook app. FB already has cute little heart and broken heart icons when users change their relationship status.

Strider Aragorn said...

So, you're saying that now is the best time to raid the google campus since everyone is in disneyland? They should invite me over since there will be so much more food at the cafeteria.

I'll have to hide my Microsoft badge of course... then again... *evil thoughts*

Anonymous said...

Going to Disneyland? Is this how you celebrate black history month?

chinadoll said...

Dear , Sent a email to your gmail ..can you check ? regarding an interview for 时尚巴莎 (Chinese harper's bazaar)~ Chinadoll

In Want of Being Me said...


I wouldn't be surprised if a product like that existed in a couple of years from now.

pk, .nl said...

Its already done in fb with the hearts thing blahblah. On Ms theyre hesitating but lets say its one the queue.

Anonymous said...

Deleting remarks that you don't like is another signal of immaturity.

He he, ok, I actually enjoy reading your blog and the stuff you have in your web page. But excuse me if I am not just another N. A. kisser. ;-)

Niniane said...

Recently, a bunch of people told me they dislike reading troll comments on my blog that aren't entertaining or insightful.

Ergo, you can still insult me, but I might delete your comment if it's just the same boring flames.

Anonymous said...

Do they like reading asiaphile comments?

Anonymous said...

I love fat white women