Thursday, December 01, 2005

Louis Vuitton

In Vegas, when we were walking through the glitzy shopping mall of the Paris casino, we spotted a Louis Vuitton shop.

Tom: Louis Vuitton luggage! That should be on a spinning dais!

Peter: Why, are they expensive?

Tom: Are you kidding me? They should have it next to a Ferrari, with a sign: "This Ferrari comes as a gift with the purchase of a Louis Vuitton luggage set."

Me: [laughing]

Peter: But luggage is so easily scratched up!

Tom: Exactly. You'll probably see the owner going up to the baggage care person, "Please take special care of this Louis Vuitton bag." The baggage person will say (mimes salute) "Yes ma'am". Then (pretends to toss the bag casually aside) whump!

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