Friday, December 16, 2005

London Dialogue, part 2

Cambridge's lawns are breathtaking.

The signs declare, in 3 languages, that "Only senior members of the College may walk upon the grass."

Later we visit Trinity College Library, where Newton had lived as a student and later taught as a professor. We saw Newton's original notes on gravity as part of a letter to Hooke:

My dad: "Did Newton count as senior enough that he could walk on the grass?"

Me: "Only after he discovered gravity."


My dad: Britain sure likes to talk about World War II. The Imperial War Museum, HMS Belfast, Churchill Museum, ...

Me: Well, it was their "finest hour". All those other countries fell to Hitler, but Britain held out for years before the US even joined the war.

Dad: I bet if we visit France, they won't have any museums on World War II. The country was taken over and occupied. What is there to say?


The British Museum contained a story of a man inviting centaurs to his wedding feast. Since centaurs are half man and half horse, their human sides allowed them to comport themselves civilly and arrive at the feast bearing gifts.

During celebration, the groom opened a flask of wine. When the centaurs became drunk, their animal natures took over and gave all the guests a sound beating.

This sculpture makes me think of the quote: "Can't we all just get along?"

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