Sunday, December 11, 2005

Events from the UK, part 1

1. Spotting a painting in the National Gallery with luscious colors. Going up to it and discovering ... it's a painting of Jesus being circumsized. Can't the guy get a little privacy?

2. Churchill was depressed over losing the 1945 General Election by a landslide, after working himself to the bone to win World War II for the UK. He went on holiday and did painting for a few months. Then he came back to become Prime Minister again in 1951.

He served in Parliament until he died at age 90. By that time, he was hugely popular. He received 300,000 birthday cards for his 90th.

Morals from this:
A. Sometimes people are ungrateful bastards.
B. Eventually they come around.

3. Paddington Bear at Paddington Station. So cute. Where is my bear?

4. Oxford: Effortless beauty is when you can pick any nondescript church on a corner, and it looks like this on the inside:

5. Royal London:

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