Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Braveheart Conclusion

We continued debating whether Braveheart had the moral right of way to knock up a French princess after vowing to love his wife forever.

Niniane: I don't know if he said the "till death do us part" line.

Peter: I'm going to check this.

He begins to watch the video, rewinding and forwarding to find the scene in question. I leave the room. A minute later, I hear a muffled anguished groan from the computer room. Tom and I dash to the room.

Me: What, what?

Peter: Okay, watch the scene.

The scene shows William Wallace standing with his dark-haired love at their secret wedding, as a priest wraps a cloth around their two hands.

William Wallace: [solemnly] I will love you for all my life.

Me: All his life! Not her life!

Tom: He doesn't say he won't love oth --

Peter: There's more.

William Wallace: [looking intensely into his bride's eyes] You and no other.

Me: Bam! How can it be more clear than that? You and no other! No wonder I was pissed off at this movie.

Tom: [looks very nonplussed for a minute] Hmm... [scratches head] ... [realizes there is no loophole through this ironclad agreement] ... [shrugs] Well, not my problem! [jaunters off]

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