Sunday, July 26, 2015

reality show ideas

Yuichi told my brother and me to watch a reality show about Koreans clubbing in LA.

It's entertaining, but every episode takes place in a nightclub!  They all work as bartenders, dancers, or club promoters, so every episode is filled with blue dim lighting and alcohol.

I want to see a reality show about research scientists who are curing cancer.  It would still have drama, love triangles, victory, despair, and charismatic attractive people.  But while watching, we'd also learn about the latest cancer research, so we could feel good about watching it.

I'd also like to watch a reality show about atomic physicists.


Peter Norvig said...

My idea for a game show was called "Who Wants to Maintain Their Dignity?". Contestants were asked to do embarrassing things for a chance to win big, and those who said "No thanks, I'd prefer not to do that" were given prizes that could range from a knowing nod to a firm handshake.

Ryan said...

peter...i'm dying. so good! i'd pay good money to watch that show.

niniane...i assume you've seen particle fever? it's your atomic physicist show, just in movie (documentary) form instead of tv.

i've also been loving unreal, a scripted show behind the scenes of a reality show. great depiction of what we all kinda already know, or at least suspect.