Sunday, July 19, 2015

Magical lyft

Today I got picked up by this awesome lyft car!  It's blue and square, covered in Dalek and TARDIS decals, and of course note the license plate.

It's wonderful when people make art for pure enjoyment, with no ulterior commercial motive.  

I got in and said, "It's bigger on the inside!"  I asked the driver if he gets that from every passenger, and he said sadly it is rare.

I wish I could request him again.  I also wish other Lyft drivers did this, so that I'd get picked up by phantom tollbooths and banana cars and batmobiles.

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Unknown said...

I just happened to stumble across your blog, and your post about Lyft cars, locale, and work, combined with my abnormally fuzzy logic brought a question to my mind, "If there was a road rage incident, and the angry driver was a Mime, how would that look animated?" It's actually a toss-up between a Mime and a clown because they both can be kind of scary, and it makes sense that they might have a reason to be angry... so maybe a pantomime clown?